An Extraordinary Life

An Extraordinary Life
An Extraordinary Life

A Memoir of a Global Citizen

Remarkably candid, moving, and humorous, George Namkung’s An Extraordinary Life takes readers on a compelling journey through eighty years of a life well lived.

Meet George Namkung

Meet George

Global Business Expert
& Philanthropist

George Namkung has entered
an exciting new chapter in his life
as a dynamic speaker and
top-level business consultant.
He is sharing his vast knowledge
with audiences both big and small.

"John Grisham is known for his legal and crime novels, Tom Clancy is known for his espionage and spy fiction and George Namkung delivers personal business stories of the same subject matter that are equally unbelievable, edifying and the best nonfiction you will ever come across." – James Fitzsimmons, Fisher College of Business Graduate Ohio State University

Meet George